117b – Homework 7

Due Thursday, March 1 at 1pm.

Homework 7


4 Responses to “117b – Homework 7”

  1. Jed Says:

    I recall that you mentioned that the material covered on March 2 and 12 will not be on the homework, so is HW7 the last set, then?

  2. andrescaicedo Says:

    HW8 will be the last set. It will be due March 13th and it will guide you through a proof that a certain combinatorial statement (that I will mention tomorrow in lecture) is independent of PA.

  3. Jed Says:

    I think the definition of monoconsistency in 3(a) should say “for each phi in X” instead of in T. (Again, nothing too serious, but I thought I might as well post typographical errors that I find here.)

  4. andrescaicedo Says:

    Funny thing is, I actually proofread the homework before posting it. Several times…

    (Yes, “for each phi in X” )

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