117b – Undecidability and incompleteness – Lecture 10

A theory T (r.e., extending Q) is reflexive iff it proves the consistency of all its finite subtheories. It is essentially reflexive iff each r.e. extension is reflexive.

Then PA is essentially reflexive and therefore no consistent extension of PA is finitely axiomatizable. This is obtained by showing that, in spite of Tarski’s undefinability of truth theorem, there are (provably in PAS0ntruth predicates for all n.

We define Rosser sentences and show their undecidability. We also show Löb’s theorem that if T|-PA is an r.e. theory and T|-PrT(j)®j, then T|- j. This gives another proof of the second incompleteness theorem.

Finally, we show that the length of proofs of P01-sentences is not bounded by any recursive function: For any T|-Q r.e. and consistent, and any recursive function f, there is a P01-sentence j provable in T but such that any proof of j in T has length > f(j).


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